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The last picture taken of Jim Morrison

"This is the strangest life I’ve ever known"

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Night isn’t pickin’ up. Gonna watch another random film with Ron Perlman in drag.

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Gabriele Dell’Otto, for your appreciation.

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No long waiting times because he can serve eight patients at a time!

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dennys is becoming too powerful

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I would now like to reenact what I call, “When Murder Goes Wrong”.
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Watching Bronson with Tom Hardy for the first time. I love this man. Never knew Bane was such an astounding actor.

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man i don’t wanna be alone right now.

silence is just destroying me man.

I just wanna watch a movie with someone else here. 

we don’t even have to talk, i just need someone who isn’t me.

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Batman Quadrilogy vs. Nolanverse -> Villains 

I can’t believe the acid turns Billy Dee Williams into Tommy Lee Jones

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"too busy today"

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Marvel Portraits by Mike Mitchell / Tumblr / Store

Part of the Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo, opening April 25th 2014, at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr

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My friend made me watch a 5 minute Dane Cook standup joke she felt I related to.

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believe it or not… i even love you, wolverine.

boy, you are drunk. love you too, elf.

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Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet

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