About as close as one can come to being a giant squid, without actually being a giant squid.

You should try that flavored powder stuff that you sprinkle on your popcorn. It’s actually super super good, and they have hella flavors.

Oh heeeeeelllll nah. See when I was young, I grabbed a whole thing of that powdered popcorn cheese. Good deal right? WRONG. I coated that shit on my p-corn because, once again, cheese is my friend right? Shit is NOT cheese homie. I was coughing for a good 20 minutes and bookin’ to the closest water fountain for relief. Science needa stop workin on diseases and figure out how to put better cheese in popcorn.

Hold on that picture of you eating popcorn with a spoon.. did.. did you say you mixed cheese in there? If so I don't think Jesus can help you.

It’s actually supposed to be cheesy popcorn, which in retrospect was very nearly false advertising. You see I am familiar with cheese. We go beyond acquaintanceship. For when your Jesus stopped helping me in life, assorted Cheeses stepped up. But lets not let this get religious about who’s better, Jesus of Cheeses. I will certainly be sending an agrey letter to the likes of Mr. Redenbacher in regards to his significantly un-cheesy, cheesy popcorn.